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Board/CEO Dynamics

A highly productive and collaborative relationship between the board and the CEO is crucial to the success of an organisation.

In private and listed companies alike, pressure for results is constant and the management of the Board/CEO relationship is critical to both parties to ensure they are receiving timely and accurate information and appropriate support.

Sarah is highly skilled in working with Boards, Chairs and CEOs. Her unique approach is sensitive yet pragmatic. It promotes robust dialogue, whilst preserving harmony and respect, defuses tension and creates new effective models of communication and engagement. It enhances the performance of both the Board and the CEO, realising true value of this partnership.

In a time where the role of the Board is under increased scrutiny from shareholders and regulators alike, Sarah is a valuable resource in corporate boardrooms. As a trusted advisor to government agencies and large private and listed companies, Sarah works with both the collective and the individuals developing Board Leadership especially in the areas that influence organisational culture to leverage their value and contribution.

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