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Emotional Intelligence

Clinical psychologist and relationship therapy expert, Hedy Schleifer encourages us to ‘cross the bridge’ to make courageous connections by learning the art of genuine listening.  


Tim Gallway - Whilst we strive to be rational beings that have emotional experiences, we are in fact emotional beings who live in the conviction of our rationality. Developing the capacity to manage what goes on in our inner world enables use to be vastly more effective and what we want to achieve in our outer world. Tim Gallway reveals how respectfully and elegantly we can do this.


Neuroscientist Matthew Lieberman explains why social connections and ‘social thinking’ make us happier and more productive employees and team members, and are critical to success for business leaders.


Brené Brown - Why empathy and sympathy are so different and how to make real connections by being prepared to admit to your vulnerabilities.

Brené Brown - Blaming is corrosive in relationships and sabotages our opportunities to listen and make empathic connections. 

Leaders of the future will have to be better at asking for and receiving help as work will be more globally distributed and marked with greater specialisation. We’ve progressed from a time when leaders could make decision and give orders unilaterally without seeking advice of their subordinates. Yet, asking for help is a vulnerable activity. The challenge will be to create an environment in which asking for - and giving - help can be done in safety.


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