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In her passionate pursuit of understanding how to create organisations where people can thrive for the benefit of the enterprise, Sarah has sought out practical applied techniques that are transferrable to the world of work, organisations and enterprise. Her special interest is to find leading edge methods and technologies that her clients can use effectively, that meet their emerging needs. She applies what she learns to her own situations of leadership before recommending to clients. She wants to know they work and what it takes to implement these ideas to ensure they are transferrable from theory into practice.

Sarah initially qualified with a degree in Applied Science in Occupational Therapy. She practised in the field of Occupational Rehabilitation and became a leader in this field, renowned for her outstanding outcomes in highly complex resistant cases.

Sarah's furthered her academic qualifications in behavioural, biological and engineering sciences as well as organisational behaviour and industrial relations. She earned a Masters degree in Safety Science from UNSW. She is a Fellow, Australian Institute of Company Directors and Associate Fellow, Australian Institute of Management.

Sarah most recent exploration has been studying System Dynamics in Organisations with the Bert Hellinger Instituut, The Netherlands and ongoing advanced training and dialogue with leading practitioners globally. This enables her to provide skilled and experienced Systems Dynamics Analysis & Facilitation and Business Constellations.

Sarah is accredited to deliver a range of interventions using a variety of tools. The value and effectiveness of the various tools are determined more by the right selection and application than the tool itself. Sarah considers the most important aspect is the relevance and transferability into practice. The tool is to measure and bring something into view; the work then is to transfer that into new and different actions and results.

  • The Art & Practice of Leadership Development (Adaptive Leadership), Harvard University, John F Kennedy School of Government
  • The TLC Leadership Transformation System including
    • The Leadership Circle Culture Survey (Leadership Culture)(TLCS)
    • The Authentic Leader Program (TLC)
    • The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP)
  • Growth Edge Conversations & Psychologically Spacious Coaching (with Jennifer Garvey Berger)
  • Leadership Maturity Framework (Completed Certification Training with Susanne Cook-Greuter)
  • Hogan Leadership Potential Series
  • PBC 360 Profile
  • A Values Inventory (AVI).
  • Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) accredited facilitator and directors’ coach for 12 years

Sarah holds several alliances and partnerships with prestigious organisations including being a partner with Acumen Global Partners, a management consultancy specialising in supporting leaders to produce extraordinary results for themselves, their teams, their clients and their communities. Sarah is an Executive Associate & Faculty with The Leadership Circle Asia-Pacific, an Executive Associate with The Full Circle Group and a Founding Partner with the Academy of Organisational System Dynamics.

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