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Culture Transformation

"Culture transformation is one of the most potent points of leverage and opportunity for most organisations. It is also one of the most difficult pieces to address as it asks the organisation to shift its identity; to move from where the culture is now and to let go of the familiar, including the patterns, habits and stories that are no longer relevant and with awareness embed new ones. This requires the leaders to be the role models and consciously create the desired culture usually a prerequisite to realise the vision."

Sarah Cornally

Working with senior leaders, they relatively quickly grasp what is required intellectually to shift culture in an organisation. However this is just an important first step, true cultural transformation is a larger process that requires a multi-level, multi-dimensional shift to embed a new culture into the organisation.

While some elements of culture are conscious, the vast majority of culture is unconscious or semi-conscious; we are unaware of the subtle nuances, inferences and interactions that create culture moment by moment. To be able to shift something that sits largely outside the awareness of the people within the organisation requires a rigorous approach and commitment from the senior people in the organisation. Sarah Cornally is a skilled facilitator in raising awareness of how ingrained old patterns are, and how to embrace new ways of operating that support the culture necessary to achieve the organisation's vision.

Boards often have little awareness of how significant their impact is in terms of culture. They can be unaware of how they influence culture through their interaction with the CEO and senior leaders. With that awareness the board can provide leverage to enable the culture.

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