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Upcoming Events 2018


Monday 16 April

Friday 11 May 

Monday 2 July

Friday 27 July 

 Monday 10 September 

Friday 28 September 

 Monday 5 November

Friday 30 November 



systemic LABS

Sarah's aim with the Systemic Intelligence Lab is to explore Systems Dymanics in Organisations.  Creating an action learning labratory, to explore and experiment with systems dynamics and mapping to discover ways of gain access to systemic intelligence. Read more...






one day workshops

In response to people's interest in the work that Sarah has been doing with organisational constellations, Sarah has developed a one day workshop for  business owners, executives, OD practitioners, consultants & coaches.  Read more...






1 year workshop Sarah's aim with this year-long training and practice is to create a cohort of practitioners in Australia who can steward this work in organisations, and she is inviting you to be part of the initial training cohort. Read more...








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